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Aiming at light manipulation at the nanometer scale, we are dedicated to the researches related to surface plasmons in metal nanostructures. By utilizing a variety of techniques, we study the optical properties and mechanisms of nanostructure systems at the level of single nanostructure, single quantum dot/molecule, and single photon.

Openings for PhD students, Postdocs, and researchers.

E-mail: weihong@iphy.ac.cn

  • Dr. Ning Liu from University of Limerick in Ireland visited our group. 2018-8-13

  • Associate Prof. Hong Wei was invited to attend the "The 8th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Optofluidics (Aug 5-8, 2018)" held in Shanghai, China and gave an invited talk. 2018-8-13

  • Associate Prof. Hong Wei was invited to organize the session "Plasmonics: Fundamentals and Applications" on "The 9th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics (META'18, June 24 – July 1, 2018) " held in Marseille, France, and she invited experts from China, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, France, Finland, belgium and Ireland to give invited talks in this session. 2018-7-3

  • Congratulations to PhD student Long Gao for passing his graduation thesis defense successfully. 2018-5-23

  • Associate Prof. Hong Wei , PhD candidate Xiaohong Yan and PhD candidate Yijie Niu attended "The 5th International Conference on Frontiers of Plasmonics (Apr 20-24,2018)" held in Nanjing, China. Associate Prof. Hong Wei gave an invited talk. 2018-4-26

  • Long Gao, Li Chen, Hong Wei and Hongxing Xu, Nanoscale 10, 11923-11929 (2018)
    "Lithographically fabricated gold nanowire waveguides for plasmonic routers and logic gates" PDF
  • Hong Wei, Deng Pan, Shunping Zhang, Zhipeng Li, Qiang Li, Ning Liu, Wenhui Wang, and Hongxing Xu, Chem. Rev. 118, 2882-2926 (2018)
    "Plasmon Waveguiding in Nanowires" PDF
  • Qiang Li, Deng Pan, Hong Wei, and Hongxing Xu, Nano Lett. 18, 2009-2015 (2018)
    "Plasmon-Assisted Selective and Super-Resolving Excitation of Individual Quantum Emitters on a Metal Nanowire" PDF
  • Hongxing Xu, (Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 2018)
    "Nanophotonics: Manipulating Light with Plasmons" PDF
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