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Aiming at light manipulation at the nanometer scale, we are dedicated to the researches related to surface plasmons in metal nanostructures. By utilizing a variety of techniques, we study the optical properties and mechanisms of nanostructure systems at the level of single nanostructure, single quantum dot/molecule, and single photon.

Openings for PhD students, Postdocs, and researchers.

E-mail: weihong@iphy.ac.cn

  • Associate Prof. Hong Wei was invited to attend the "The Eighth National Youth Academic Forum on Optics (Nov 8-9, 2016)" held in Hangzhou, China and gave an invited talk. 2016-11-10

  • Associate Prof. Hong Wei was invited to attend the "SPIE/COS Photonics Asia (Oct 12-14, 2016)" held in Beijing, China and gave an invited talk. 2016-10-15

  • PhD student Long Gao attended Summer School on Nanoscale Energy Converters, held in Höllviken, Sweden. 2016-8-22

  • Associate Prof. Hong Wei was invited to organize the session “Plasmonic Nanocircuits: Fundamentals and Device” on "The 7th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics (META’16)" held in Malaga, Spain, attracting researchers from 13 countries, i.e. the United States, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, China, Japan, Russia, India, Austria and Turkey. 2016-7-30

  • Associate Prof. Hong Wei was invited to attend the nanophotonics forum for young scientists held in National Center for Nanoscience and Technology. 2016-4-28

  • Prof. Jeremy J. Baumberg and Prof. Oren Scherman from University of Cambridge visited our group and gave talks on “Watching and controlling single molecules in nm-scale plasmonic cavities” and “Functional materials: Exploiting dynamic self-assembly at interfaces” as the 76th and 77th lecture of Nanoscale Physics and Devices Laboratory Academic Lecture Series, respectively. 2016-4-5

  • Prof. Jim Schuck from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Prof. Katherine Willets from Temple University and Prof. Otto Muskens from University of Southampton visited our group. 2015-10-23

  • PhD students Deng Pan and Long Gao attended The 7th International Conference on Surface Plasmon Photonics (SPP7), May 31-Jun 5, 2015, held in Jerusalem, Israel. Deng Pan won the Best Poster Award. 2015-06-12

  • Welcome PhD student Bikas Ranjan from University of Osaka to our group to do cooperative research. 2015-03-09

  • Prof. Prabhat Verma from University of Osaka visited our group. 2015-03-09
  • Zhili Jia, Hong Wei, Deng Pan and Hongxing Xu, Nanoscale 8, 20118 (2016)
    "Direction-resolved radiation from polarization controlled surface plasmon modes on silver nanowire antennas" PDF
  • Hongyan Liang, Hong Wei, and Hongxing Xu, Front. Phys. 11, 117301 (2016)
    "Deviating from the nanorod shape: Shape-dependent plasmonic properties of silver nanorice and nanocarrot structures" PDF
  • Qiang Li, Hong Wei, and Hongxing Xu, Nano Lett. 15, 8181–8187 (2015)
    "Quantum Yield of Single Surface Plasmons Generated by a Quantum Dot Coupled with a Silver Nanowire" PDF
  • Hongyan Liang, Hong Wei, Deng Pan and Hongxing Xu, Nanotechnol. Rev. 4, 289-302 (2015)
    "Chemically synthesized noble metal nanostructures for plasmonics" PDF
  • Hong Wei, Xiaorui Tian, Deng Pan, Li Chen, Zhili Jia, and Hongxing Xu, Nano Lett. 15, 560-564 (2015)
    "Directionally-Controlled Periodic Collimated Beams of Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Metal Film in Ag Nanowire/Al2O3/Ag Film Composite Structure" PDF
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