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Education and Academic Employment:
2000 Sep – 2004 Jul: Shandong University, Bachelor;
2004 Sep – 2009 Jul: Institute of Physics, CAS, PhD;
2009 Aug– 2012 Jul: Institute of Physics, CAS, assistant professor;
2012 Aug – 2018 Aug: Institute of Physics, CAS, associate professor;
2018 Aug – now: Institute of Physics, CAS, professor.

Scientific Interests:
Surface-enhanced spectroscopy, plasmonic waveguides and circuits, interaction of plasmons and excitons.

Publications and Presentations:
Over 40 papers, cited over 2000 times (Web of Science); over 20 invited talks at important international conferences.

Scientific Services:
Editorial Board member of Journal of Optics, 2015 -
Topical Editor of Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 2017 -

Honors and Awards:
2011, Member of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS);
2012, Sapling Researcher Award, Institute of Physics, CAS;
2013, Lu Jiaxi Young Talent Award, CAS;
2014, Prominent Yong Scientist Project, CAS;
2014, National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars;
2014, Beijing New-Star of Science and Technology;
2016, The Ninth Rao Yutai Basic Optics Award.