Zhipeng Li and collaborators reveal strongly angular-dependent emission from propagating surface plasmons of silver nanowires (Nano letters, online pubulished) 12/11/09  
  Directional Light Emission from Propagation Surface Plasmons of Silver Nanowires  
  Abstract: Thin metallic nanowires are highly promising candidates for plasmonic waveguides in photonic and electronic devices. We have observed that light from the end of a silver nanowire, following excitation of plasmons at the other end of the wire, is emitted in a cone of angles peaking at nominally 45-60° from the nanowire axis, with virtually no light emitted along the direction of the nanowire. This surprising characteristic can be explained in a simple picture invoking Fabry-Pe′rot resonances of the forward- and back-propagating plasmons on the nanowire. This strongly angular-dependent emission is a critical property that must be considered when designing coupled nanowire-based photonic devices and systems.  
  • Zhipeng Li, Feng Hao, Yingzhou Huang, Yurui Fang, Peter Nordlander, Hongxing Xu, Nano Letters, Vol.9, 4383-4386(2009)
    "Directional Light Emission from Propagating Surface Plasmons of Silver Nanowires"